Security Gate Performance

Security Gate

  1. Maintain Gate Cleanliness 

Keeping your gate clean reduces wear and tear over time and ensures that it functions properly and reliably. While metal gates are commonly utilized by businesses due to their durability and overall strength, exposure to the elements eventually causes deterioration of the hinges, gears, and gate bars. Failure to maintain the cleanliness of your roll-up gate may likewise contribute to the development of rust and mechanical wear. This is both visually unappealing for your business and may pose a security hazard by increasing the risk of successful break-ins. As such, it is extremely important to maintain your gate’s cleanliness. Cleaning methods may vary depending on the material and design of your gate. However, soap and water—in addition to citric acid, vinegar, or store-bought rust removers—may be used. Adding a fresh coat of paint afterward may also increase your gate’s resistance to the elements.

  1. Maintain Gate Lubrication 

Whether you own a manual or automatic gate, maintaining adequate lubrication of the gears and hinges is critical. By optimizing the functioning of your gate’s various components with lubrication, you slow abrasive wear and ensure that it can operate with ease. This also helps maintain your gate’s overall strength, which is a crucial component of protecting your business from unwanted intruders.

Install Security Gate

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Storefront Security Gate

Our company, NYC Doors provides repair and installation service for storefront gates and security roll-up doors.

Gates and fences NYC Doors install and repair:

  1. Chain link fence
  2. Counter doors and shutters
  3. Gate systems
  4. Electric security gate

What to Expect Working with Us

When you purchase a new gate from us, we will remove your existing gate, then, we will fit the gate, motor and accessories needed.

  • Budget – Consider what kind of budget you can dedicate to your security gate
  • Look & Functionality – Consider how your the gate should look and function
  • Security – Consider what kind of security features you need from your gate