How to secure front door?

While keeping your business secure is always a priority, there are certain situations where the need can drastically increase. Many of these are visible and easy to diagnose, such as usage of the entrance or weather on the exterior of your door.

Another thing to take under consideration is the door frame. An older door frame can cause significant problem when it does not support the door correctly.

However, other factors beyond wear and tear of the door may push you to upgrade. 

Below you can fine ways to improve the security of your door.


Door Locks

  1. Five lever mortice lock
  2. Multi point locking system
  3. Deadbolt lock
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Five lever mortice lock

This is a standard door lock on the list of approved locks for home insurance policies and is one of the most common types of lock. The more levers a door lock has, the more secure and harder to break into it is.

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Multi point locking system

Multi-point locking systems have three locking points and the system sits inside the door. It is then operated using a handle and a key and is considered one of the most secure types of front door lock.

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Deadbolt lock

Deadbolt locks must the opened using a key or a thumb turn and offers great security for your business as it’s impossible to be forced open using a knife blade or credit card. These locks are most suited to a wooden door, steel door or fibreglass door.


Reinforce Your Door

Additional reinforcements can be made to your door to help with security. A common reinforcement is a deadbolt which can only lock (and unlock) from the inside. As long as your front door is not made of steel, a deadbolt can be installed yourself and will help to provide additional security.

A door chain is another option and, because they require external fore to be opened from the outside, they leave clear evidence should an intrusion happen.

You can also choose to install steel or nickel reinforcements around the hinges, screws, or locks of your doors for added security. With these installed, it can be nearly impossible to kick down a door, as the metal acts as armour from the interior.

A high-quality door handle can also have a huge impact on the security of your front door. A low quality door handle can be easily snapped, broken or forced and will allow easy access to your home.


Install A Strike Plate

A security strike plate is a piece of metal specifically designed to reinforce the door jamb. The door jamb is a specific area of your door frame that is prone to weakening; by installing a strike plate, you can quickly improve security.


Replace The Hinges

Much like other parts of the door, a hinge can deteriorate through years of consistent use. It is important to keep on top of this, making frequent checks and adjusting as necessary. Though you can fix many hinge related issues by hand, if they are beyond repair, then it is time for an upgrade.


Replace The Door

You can install as many reinforcements as possible but there is only so much security an old or damaged door can provide. Purchasing a new front door can seem daunting, but it also opens up many more opportunities to improve the security of your place.

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