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Door Repair

Door repair in NYC for commercial storefront doors, building exterior doors, and More.

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Door Installation

Installation and replacement services in NYC for commercial doors.

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Roll-Up Door

Roll-up door installation and repair service through the five NYC boroughs.

Welcome to Our Reliable Commercial Door Repair Services in NYC

For more than 15 years, our company has established itself as a trusted and dependable provider of comprehensive commercial door sales and services in NYC. We specialize in a wide range of areas, including metal storefronts, fire-rated doors, automatic doors, and hardware.

Prompt Solutions for Time-Sensitive Commercial Needs

Efficient and Timely Door Repairs for Your Business

We understand the importance of time in the commercial sector. Every minute counts when it comes to the smooth operation of your business. That’s why our dedicated team strives to promptly address your door repair needs. Our skilled technicians are experienced in identifying the root cause of any problem you may be experiencing. We work with you to establish the most efficient and effective solution for your situation, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations.

Repair First, Replace When Necessary

Unlike other door companies, we prioritize cost-effectiveness and strive to maximize your savings. Our expert technicians will always make an effort to repair your existing door before recommending a costly replacement. By employing this approach, we aim to save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. Trust us to provide honest assessments and recommendations based on your specific needs.

Contact Us for a Consultation

If you have any questions about our comprehensive door services or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Our knowledgeable team is here to address your concerns and provide expert advice tailored to your unique situation. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and look forward to helping you find the best solution for your commercial door needs.

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Customer satisfaction is our goal and quality service is our motto!

Door Repair NYC – At Work

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How much does it cost to install a new door?

“The cost of installing a door can vary widely depending on factors such as door type, size, materials, hardware, and additional features. For example, basic door installations typically cost between $800 and $2,000, with a professional installation taking approximately three hours.

Custom door installations, which can include additional features such as sidelights, transoms, or security systems, can range from $500 to $10,000 or more, depending on the complexity of the project. The installation time for custom projects can vary, but typically ranges from a few hours to a full day, depending on the size and complexity of the installation.”

Commercial Doors NYC

Commercial doors are an integral feature within the architectural landscape of New York City. These specialized doors are strategically positioned across a diverse range of settings, such as bustling retail edifices, educational institutions fostering learning, medical centers promoting healing, municipal and governmental structures facilitating administration, corporate hubs driving productivity, and industrial plants powering innovation.

Diverging from their residential counterparts, commercial doors stand as paragons of durability and functionality. They are meticulously crafted from a spectrum of robust materials that include the timeless elegance of wood, the robust resilience of steel, the transparent allure of glass, the lightweight versatility of fiberglass, and the modern sleekness of aluminum and glass combinations. These materials imbue commercial doors with not only enduring strength but also an ability to harmonize with the distinctive architectural aesthetics of their surroundings.

The ubiquity of commercial doors across NYC underscores their vital role in enhancing security, facilitating efficient traffic flow, and encapsulating the essence of each establishment they serve. These doors embody a fusion of pragmatic utility and artistic expression, seamlessly melding into the urban fabric while safeguarding the activities and aspirations thriving within the city’s diverse establishments.

Commercial Door Installation NYC Requirements

What are the disadvantages of a steel door?

While steel doors offer many benefits, there are also some downsides to consider. One drawback is that they can be prone to scratches and dents, which may eventually lead to rust formation. Another disadvantage is that they are more challenging to stain compared to other door materials and usually require painting, which can chip over time. Steel doors also conduct heat and cold efficiently, which can affect the energy efficiency of your home.

How to choose A garage door repair services?

When selecting a garage door repair service, it’s essential to consider a few key factors.

  1. Look for a company with a solid reputation and positive customer reviews. This will give you confidence in their reliability and quality of work.
  2. Ensure that the company is licensed, insured, and bonded, as this demonstrates their professionalism and commitment to customer protection.
  3. Inquire about their experience and expertise in repairing the specific type of garage door you have.
  4. Obtain multiple quotes and compare them to ensure fair pricing. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose a garage door repair service that meets your needs and expectations.

Commercial Door Repair NYC

Welcome to your NYC Door Company for all door-related needs. We offer door installation and repair services throughout the five boroughs.

We offer reliable door repair, door installation, and replacement services in NYC for commercial doors.

Why Choose Us

Customer satisfaction is our goal and quality service is our motto!

Our service technicians are experienced, with over 15 years in the field providing automatic door repair and replacement.

Free Door Inspections

NYC Doors is proud to provide a wide variety of high-quality security doors for use in commercial, retail, and industrial settings, including shutters, folding closures, roller shutters, security grilles, and countertop doors.

A Door Service Company You Can Depend On

Our team of professionally trained experts will be happy to consult you to determine the door or grille that best meets your establishment’s security requirements.